Outsmarting traffic with A.I : The Roulers usecase

Roulers is a town located in Belgium. As a lot of cities area today, Roulers has to face the problem of a dense circulation on its city-center, regulary causing traffic congestion on one of its most-traveled avenue. This heavy density of vehicles can make the daily circulation of light users as cycles or bikes hazardous, as they often try to sneak between the long series of cars still-staying on the avenue.

To face this problem, city councils has chosen to use Vision Learn in order to improve the road experience for the many cycles using that avenue everyday.

How does Vision Learn operate to enhance the circulation in this situation ?

1 – One of our smart camera is placed on the avenue. The device is able to detect the creation of traffic-jam in its sight.

2 – A message is sent from the camera to a public display situated upstream, alerting the cyclist that the main axis is subject to traffic jam and re-orient them to a more adapted road.


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